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Discipline Based Music Education

In a Disicpline Based Music Education Program students are not trained to become Musicians. They learn to understand and appreciate Music and the way it influences their lives.

Music, cave drawings and paintings represents mans first attempts to conceptualize, represent and understand the world they lived in.

A prehistoric flute was found in Germany and identified as being the oldest musical instrument ever discovered. If this is correct our predecessors started to make music approximately the same time they began drawing and painting cave art. It can be concluded that Music was a form of communication, recreation and enjoyment.

Areas of concentration:

  • Production

  • Very simply put, how is it made? What materials and process were used to construct the instruments?

  • Aesthetics

  • Students learn how to see Art using cognitive perception, practical perception and aesthetic perception.

  • Music History & Appreciation

  • In Music History we use a strategy to gain information about a work and from the work itself.

  1. Describe who, what, where, when and how the music was made.
  2. Describe any unique features or instruments used.
  3. Interpret how the musician was influenced by the world he or she lived in.
  4. Comment about the works importance and relevance to their time and future generations.

  • Music Production

  • Recognition of what is a Precussion, Wind or String Instrument
  1. Describe the construction materials used.
  2. Describe any unique features present.
  3. Describe how the instrument was used

  • Criticism
  1. What characteristics do you perceive from the music?
  2. (Any repititions, patterns, changes present?)
  3. Describe it's composition. How is it put together? Is it organized and if so how?
  4. How did the Musician produce the work? Was there more than one Musicain? Identify the instruments used.
  5. What Idea, feelings and moods is the Musicain trying to get accross?